VIVID Projects, Free Entry

Performance: Friday 3rd August 6pm-7pm

Exhibition: Friday 3rd August, 5pm-10pm; Saturday 4th August 12pm-5pm; Sunday 5th August, 12pm-4pm

Richard Scott

Richard Scott is a musician and visual artist based in Birmingham with interests in pattern, liminality and varying modes of perception and control. He is mainly active as an improviser and has performed and recorded throughout the UK and in France and Switzerland. He also plays traditional Scandinavian music for dance. 

Richard presents a solo violin and mandolin performance alongside an exhibition of his visual artwork. 

This exhibition at Vivid Projects will be his first solo show and will consist of a number of large abstract drawings and prints. 

The areas he explores in his visual art are closely connected to those he explores as a musician: relationships between perceived order and disorder; form and content; the minimal and the maximal; continuous and discrete information; the gestalt-forming capacities of the brain. The conceptual frameworks behind several of these drawings have stemmed from an interest in the work of theorist and composer James Tenney.