Thursday 23rd January, 8pm

Midlands Arts Centre, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham

Presented in partnership with TDE Promotions

Tom Rainey Trio 

Cutting edge New York trio featuring three leading lights of Jazz/Improv world; Mary Halvorsen (guitar), Ingred Laubrock (saxophone) and Tom Rainey (drums) meld “free-styling painterliness” with “shards of line and sonics”, creating “refreshing new and not-sentimental kind of beautiful music.” (Josef Woodard - Downbeat/Jazz Times/The Los Angeles Times) 

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Thursday 30th January

The Woodman, Eastside, Birmingham

Presented in partnership with Birmingham City University Jazz Research Department

Experimental{sound}Writing Workshop (afternoon) 

Experimental writing workshop linking words and music and documenting interdisciplinary art forms. Led by Riffs Journal with internationally renowned musician/writer Nate Wooley (Editor, Sound American Magazine; Curator, Database of Recorded American Music; Teacher, New School for Social Research) as Keynote speaker. 

Nate Wooley solo (evening) 

Nate Wooley works as an interpreter, improviser, and composer within the contemporary conjuncture of contemporary classical, jazz, noise, and electronic music. Expect a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat concert from this multifaceted trumpet player. 


*Please note workshop and performance are upstairs, if you would like assistance please send us a message via the Contact page

Friday 31st January, 5pm - 11pm

Sound Object Seeing

A festival-within-a-festival where music and art collide.  Where the visual plays a fundamental part of the process and performance. Audiences are taken on a journey where the experience of listening and watching constantly shifts and is re-appraised.

Andrew Spackman curates a feast of audio-visual delights including: 

Mammoth Beat Organ

(Sam Underwood/Graham Dunning)

Drawing Orchestra

SAD MAN vs Artist Retired (RA)

Saturday 1st February, 2pm-11pm

Sunday 2nd February, 2pm - 6pm

Friday 7th February, 8pm-11pm

Saturday 8th February, 12pm-10pm

Sunday 9th February, 4pm-7pm