Ideas of Noise is dedicated to nurturing new talent and introducing young people to experimental sound making. Previous participation activities have included:

AV Play Area (Surge in Spring 2018)

IoN brought its first children's event to mac Birmingham in April 2018, featuring a heap of sonic curiosities for 4-10 year olds specially created by sound artist/saxophonist Joe Wright and guitarist/electronics wizard Ben Lee (AKA Gorillabot). The play area included circuit-bent toys, sound lasers and a draw-your-own graphic score station, all filtered through the mind-bending electronics rig of trumpeter/improviser Aaron Diaz.

Surge Kids (IoN Festival 2018)

Led by acclaimed musicians and Surge Orchestra members Tymoteusz Jozwiak and Xhosa Cole, this workshop introduced Improvisation and Group Composition to children aged 8-16, taking in elements of Conduction, Graphic Scores and Extended Techniques.

Crèche and Burn (Surge in Spring 2019)

IoN returned to Surge in Spring in 2019 with a brand new installation designed and built by Joe Wright. Using light-based synthesisers and a series of sensor "flowers", children learned about controlling proximity-based instruments and electronic systems through games and trial-and-error.

Come&Try! (National Music for Youth Festival 2019)