Saturday 4th August

9pm-10pm, The Edge, £12 (part of Saturday Triple Bill)

Gonimoblast Duo

An exciting blend of contemporary jazz and electronics, Gonimoblast Duo presents a stripped down version of Chris Mapp's 5 piece band.

Chris Mapp is a bass player, improviser and composer. As a bass player and improviser Chris has played with Paul Dunmall, Mark Sanders, Ken Vandermark, Steve Tromans, Tim Daisy, Dave Rempis and collaborated with Justin Wiggan and Arve Henriksen of Dreams of Tall Buildings. He uses electronics to manipulate the sound of his instrument, creating soundscapes and un-bass-like sound worlds. As a composer Chris uses found sounds and field recordings as inspiration and staring points, connecting them together with improvisation through graphic scores and traditional notation.

Annie Mahtani is a Birmingham based composer and sound artist. Her music is created from real world sounds which are then transformed, manipulated and restructured, exploring the juxtaposition of real, abstract and surreal sound worlds. Annie’s work has been performed extensively in concerts and festivals in the UK, Canada, USA and across Europe. Her work Past Links received an honorable mention at the 35th International Competition of Electroacoustic Music and Sonic Art, Bourges 2008. In 2010, Annie founded SOUNDkitchen, a Birmingham based organisation dedicated to promoting local sound artists and composers.