Saturday 4th August

5:30pm-6:30pm, The Edge, £7

ELDA ft. Millicent Chapanda and Didier Kisala: Celebrating Sanctuary meets Electronics

Celebrating Sanctuary will be co-presenting a concert at ION which features musicians from their community, Didier Kisala and Millicent Chapanda in new experimental collaborations with Birmingham-based improvisers ELDA (Andrew Woodhead and Aaron Diaz), fusing Traditional African music with Electronics.

Millicent Chapanda - Mbira/Percussion

Didier Kisala - Vocals/Guitar

Andrew Woodhead - Keyboards/Electronics

Aaron Diaz - Trumpet/Electronics


This event is supported by Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham:

Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham is a registered charity which works through the arts to raise awareness of the contributions that refugees make to the UK, and in particular to the city of Birmingham. Each year they run a world music festival that focuses on the music of refugee producing countries and the work of refugee musicians. Throughout the year they provide music events, schools workshops and other activities.