Friday 3rd August, 5pm-10pm; Saturday 4th August 12pm-5pm; Sunday 5th August, 12pm-4pm

VIVID Projects, Free Entry

Billy Lucas

Born and raised in Birmingham and the Black Country, Billy Lucas presents his first solo exhibition at Ideas Of Noise:

fragments I 

"I am a composer and sound artist, based in Birmingham. Recently, I have developed an interest in tearing apart the fabric of sound, burrowing beneath its surface to unlock veiled sonic potentials. 

For this installation, tape housing a single composition has been divided into multiple fragments, and each of these fragments fashioned into a loop. These loops appropriate the shells of other cassettes, a gesture of proliferation, where each shard grows into an individual composition. 

Minute changes of timbre and rhythm accompany this looping process; hidden variations emerge from a milieu of repetition. 

Change will be enacted over time; a live performance will initiate the exhibition, before the installation undergoes a series of vague transformations - the results of human action and material undoing.