Saturday 4th August

8pm-9pm, The Edge, £12 (part of Saturday Triple Bill)

Anna Palmer

Anna Palmer is a composer/musician/producer whose band Dorcha is garnering national critical acclaim.

Anna presents a new solo project at Ideas Of Noise.

Here's what she has to say about it:

"My name is Anna Palmer and most know me from Dorcha. 
I’m doing a one off solo performance. 
Using only existing material. 
Utilising a sound archive i’ve amassed over the last 3 plus years on my laptop with a buggered screen. And voice memos from my phone with also a buggered screen. 
It’ll be live electronics, bass and vocals. 
Forgotten songs. 
Creaks, howls, swooshers. 
Grungy riff loopers. 
Oh yeah time sigs here n there. 
Patchwork quilt of the sands of time and all that shit. 
See what happens like."